tranlsation of mehrere

Duolingo define "mehrere" as "many," so I translated the sentence "Der Garten hat mehrere Bäume" as "The garden has many trees" and it corrected it to be "The garden has several trees." If mehrere translates as several, why was it defined as many? Does the context of the sentence change the meaning? Thanks

June 25, 2012


mehr = more; mehrere = several

June 25, 2012

Christian put it succinctly! "mehr+ere" implies a larger, indefinite amount of things whereas "mehr" is implying a comparison as in "more" (than). E.g. "Ich habe mehrere Katzen" = I have several cats. E.g. "Er hat 2 Katzen? Ich habe mehr Katzen." = "He has 2 cats? I have more cats". It is worth knowing the difference!

November 20, 2012
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