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0 learners/tree not accessible

Hello everyone, I finally got the update on android a few minutes ago. Hooray! Or... Maybe not yet? If I try to add the Japanese course, I do see it in the list, but it says that 0 learners are using it and if I click on it I go back to the tree I'm currently studying, and Japanese doesn't get added to my course list. Am I the only one with this issue? How do I report it? Thanks!

June 7, 2017



It's doing this to me too. Glad it started working for you. Apparently they're 'rolling it out slowly' or something?


For me it also says 0 learners, but the course works well for me.


It works now!


Same for me. Hope this will change soon.


Works now. I don't know why. I reinstalled the app, but it still didn't work. After some more trying it just worked.

So if you have this bug: Keep trying. ;-)

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