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Cannot connect my Duolingo account on the mobile: at the end of the registration it says the mail address is already in use. [that's because it the one I use!] Delete the app did not work. Help! Is there a solution?

June 7, 2017

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You need to login with your existing username/password and not try to register again. The login page is found by following the link "I already have an Account"

Maybe my QI suddenly dive under 25... I open the app on the mobile and appear: 1.on top: progress icon, "french" as language, heath icon; 2. in the middle the icons for the French course 3. on bottom: "learn", "health", "club", "shop". I clicked on all the elements without result. When I click on a icon in the middle appear the window "save your progress" with two buttons "Create Profile" and "Later". "Create profile" does not work with my email: it says the email is already in use. I am NOT able to find the login page with the link "I already have an Account". Where can I find that link?

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