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Cannot connect my Duolingo account on the mobile: at the end of the registration it says the mail address is already in use. [that's because it the one I use!] Delete the app did not work. Help! Is there a solution?

June 7, 2017

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You need to login with your existing username/password and not try to register again. The login page is found by following the link "I already have an Account"

June 7, 2017

Maybe my QI suddenly dive under 25... I open the app on the mobile and appear: 1.on top: progress icon, "french" as language, heath icon; 2. in the middle the icons for the French course 3. on bottom: "learn", "health", "club", "shop". I clicked on all the elements without result. When I click on a icon in the middle appear the window "save your progress" with two buttons "Create Profile" and "Later". "Create profile" does not work with my email: it says the email is already in use. I am NOT able to find the login page with the link "I already have an Account". Where can I find that link?

June 10, 2017
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