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Has Duolingo increased in difficulty?

Hi there. I've been using Duolingo for more than a year, and a few weeks ago I noticed that difficulty has increased (across languages): More questions are asked per item, more repetitions are needed, golden buttons turn colorful sooner. Has anybody experienced the same? Does anyone have any further information on this?

June 7, 2017



In my case it is the other way round. For many of my skills it takes weeks or months until they are no longer golden. I started to repeat them depending on what I need, not depending on gold or not gold. Some I've already completely forgotten and they remain golden for a long time after that.

The skill length did not notably change for me. Some are still very short, some are very long and everything between.

In the last years I had the impression Duolingo became easier. I've been using Duolingo since maybe 2013.


I have noticed the same. For me the time per question in time quiz section has greatly reduced.

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