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Feature suggestion: Select task type(s) for practice

While practicing, I find consistently that the translations FROM the language I'm learning are too easy, to the point of total boredom, while the written translations TO the new language are too difficult, and I hardly ever get them right.

Can we get an option to ONLY practice one type of tasks? Specifically, writing out full sentences in the new language is by far the most difficult and helpful, but it only appears once in about every 10 tasks.

Without this ability to only do the hardest tasks, it gets quite boring past level 8 or so. I'm done with the Spanish tree and I need to practice but with only 1 hard task to 9 easy, boring ones, it's discouraging and feels like such a waste of time.

Thank you for hearing out this suggestion.

June 7, 2017



I agree, I would much rather translate into the new language instead of into the one I already know when practicing. It is the most beneficial but like you said, hardly happens


The reverse tree (English from Spanish) will reverse the percentage of English->Spanish translation tasks. Obviously you'd probably want to turn off the listening exercises unless you also need to practice English.

Laddering (German from Spanish for instance) would be an alternative to the reverse tree.


That's a great idea, thank you for this suggestion, I'll do that!

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