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Is this possible?

I've heard stories about hacking on Duolingo, but I was unsure how it happened. Below, has someone hacked? Why I believe this is true: 1. My entire website is set to German. Why I am not sure. 2. I have now subscribed to all of the languages on discussion. I was only subscribed to a couple.
3. Yesterday, I had a 4 day streak. Now I have a 6 day streak and have apparently done it today. I did not.
4. I am not learning German, and I am learning German to English.

What is perplexing is there are no new words from except from where I've previously practiced and I have my trees intact. How can I stop this? What are my next steps? Why did this happen?

P.S. Sorry I didn't put this in troubleshooting. I don't know how to say troubleshooting in German.

June 7, 2017



Change your password.


Why would anyone bother hacking a Duolingo account? What exactly would be the point?


someone would probably want to hack a duolingo account just to be a jerk.


I don't know. Do they want my progress? My (now six) day streak? Or my worthless 2247 lingots?


The web site seem to be glitching today. I keep seeing up and down votes I didn't make... then they will disappear. Just ignore it.


well, in my opinion report that to the duolingo people. Also check that nobody in your family uses duolingo or is messing around on your account.


I am having a similar problem i am also following a lot of discussions that i did not follow and by the up votes and down votes in different discussions it says i have already up voted or down voted, which i have not down. I don't know why its doing this.


That is part of the changes DL is undergoing.


My brother did something similar like that to me...

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