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Downvoting new discussions about language request

I feel a bit bad whenever I see a new discussion about language requests, and see the one to four instant minus votes on them. I understand that for the everyday duoists it must be annoying to see every fifth-tenth new discussion being started about new language requests. I also feel that downvoting these issues (and people) might be a kind of loyalty to Duolingo.

I have to say I completely understand those who have simple questions about the development of Duo's language services.

It took me a time too to get a picture about what could the new languages be. But still not sure :) AND still don't see dates about them.

Please consider giving the newcomers the patience and just ignore their discussion if you feel that way, OR link an official press release or declaration that you know about.

The best would be to chanell all these questions in one discussion about the known developments on new languages.

March 4, 2013



Honestly I've been feeling the same way. Many of the ones that I've seen and are downvoted are even worded in a polite way, I'd understand if someone was writing something that sounded like something along the lines of "Oh this language selection is soooo limited" Or "God the language choice here is so boring!" followed by their request (And of course, there are a few like that and its upsetting to read!), but I've seen many that are just harmless questions. So I gives kudos to you, ogergo for posting this when I did not. thumbs up :)


Thanks! :) Then I offer my Kudos for the first Duo team member answering those here with curiosity. :)


As a very newbie, I was downvoted even when I said that I didn't like to translate advertisement, I have been told that Duo does this for money. So far there is a link http://duolingo.com/#/upload where everybody can upload stuff in some languages for free, only in the future maybe they will charge. Anyway, even if I like it, I doubt the translations of Duo will ever get to the results of a professional translator. First of all, many people don't even translate into their own mother tongue. Second, some people submit sentences to Google translate and then copy and paste them in order to get points.

Please never say to a translator (I know many) that Duo will translate better than them. They could kill you.

That's to say... that in general I find mean the downvoting thing, if Duo doesn't want newbies to write posts, it's enough not to grant them the right to do it. Maybe for a week or two, or... first they should comment to other posts, and only after a certain amount of comments which are not constantly downdoved they can start to post.


By the way I have red about mandarin and japanese for this year on Reddit.


You read on Reddit that they are planning on offering those languages this year? Maybe it would be better if Duolingo had a news or FAQ page instead of leaving people questioning. I wouldn't mind pointing people to sources, but the truth is that I don't have a clue what is being planned. We could blame people for not looking around first or not using the search function, but I doubt that they would find anything apart from dozens of discussions with the same question. I think that there would be a lot less negative feedback if language request discussions led to something constructive. Without any answers from staff, all that can be said is "I would like that language too", "Be patient", or their up and down vote equivalents.


I red it here: http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/y914v/luis_von_ahn_ama_aug_14_2012_summary/ But this post is quite old. The timing included was not followed as expected. Anyway. Duo's facebook followers voted for Japanese, Chinese and Russian as top three.

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