"Băiatul are două supe de ceapă."

Translation:The boy has two onion soups.

June 7, 2017

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how come 'ă' sometimes sounds like an 'o' as in 'font' and other times like an 'u' or 'e' as in 'number'?

Is this the speaker mispronouncing or are there different sounds for this one letter?


"Two onion soups" is unclear to me. Is this "two kinds of onion soup" or "two servings of (the same) onion soup?" I understand why Duo uses direct translations, but words devoid of clear meaning are not always useful to learn. Just a thought.


I think a clearer translation would be: "The boy has two bowls of onion soup." But the translation they give helps make it clear how this construction is used in Romanian.

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