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  5. "Uma rapariga de olhos azuis?"

"Uma rapariga de olhos azuis?"

Translation:A girl with blue eyes?

March 4, 2013

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A friend from São Paulo told me what rapariga means:

Close to "safada" in Brazil - Women between childhood and adolescence or young woman; woman with whom he has a romantic relationship; girlfriend

Amazon - Girl virgin or maiden girl. Some regions of Brazil - Woman living with a man, but without being married to him. Some regions of Brazil - Same as prostitute. Portugal - Women between childhood and adolescence or young woman. Portugal - Girl who lives in the countryside.


Rapariga is the correct word in Portugal but is never used in Brazil. Garota is the common word. All the Brazilians who come to Portugal laugh about this word.


I am from southern Brazil, Santa Catarina. Rapariga is the female of "rapaz", and as so, a teen. It is sometimes used to call a little girl who uses to make pranks. Mostly harmless.
BUT, it is better not to use if you don't know where the other person comes from.


Confimed: "prostitute" in parts of Brazil. Not so in Portugal, where it just means "girl."


I reported before that for this reason this word shouldn't be used like this without explanation, since it might lead to unintended offence. It may have been a different sentence with the same word though, so I'll report it again. We don't want a Hungarian phrasebook type situation now do we?


Meu aerodeslizador está cheio de enguias.


Haha...I thought exactly the same :-D


Yes. Here in northeast Brazil it means prostitute. Saying it to someone here would be a really, REALLY bad idea! I've flagged it to be changed/removed, too.


Never say for a brazilian woman the word "rapariga"!! Here in Brazil this word mean ❤❤❤❤❤! And this word isn't commonly used in Brazil...


I'm brazilian, "rapariga" in Portuguese (BR) means prostitute, never say "rapariga" for a girl! Say "Garota" or "Menina" ou "Guria". These two first words (Menina and Garata) fit in whole contry. Sorry by english, I'm a student =) ...


also A blue eyed girl? surely should have been accepted as correct


You need a hyphen with that. ;D


I hyphenated it and it told me that it was "almost correct" and countered with an underscore....


It accepted "a blue eyed girl" sans hyphen.


Is "rapariga" commonly used? Quite frankly I've never ever heard of it...


In the south region they frequently use it. Where i live it's considered an offense, somehow like harlot or ❤❤❤❤❤!!!!


Thats interesting to know, thanks! :)


YES, it is important to know... in the south region it is common, we use "guria"..... "raparinga" sonds very bad... like our friend says somehow like a ❤❤❤❤❤


Is uma menina accepted everywhere?


Yes... anywhere..as well as "garota", which is very frequently used.


No. In the south they use "Guria".


Yep, been there for an exchange year, never heard rapariga except as an example for how PT-PT is different from BR-PT


It is the feminine for rapaz if I am not mistaken... but I never hear it used. I didn't know it was an offense in parts of Brazil, but I would never think of using it anyway, not even by accident.

Rapaz (translates to lad/young man) on the other hand, is not offensive at all and very common.


Vivi - FYI, we say BY accident, not ON accident. However, we say ON purpose.


Thanks, paulconsul! It's been fixed. ;)


Not in Brazil it isn't.


This is the first time that "de" is translated as "with" That is very odd and should be introduced first and hinted at.


I guess you could say "A girl of blue eyes" in English as well -- I think anyway it's quite clear that the girl is not made of blue eyes (uma menina feita de olhos azuis) :-)


Why not "... Com olhas azuis"?


Com olhos azuis


This lessons are mixed then? I thought I was learning Brazilian Portuguese

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