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  5. "There are seven birds."

"There are seven birds."


June 7, 2017


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Can we stop splitting and combining words in the options? Th issen ten cemak esnose nse.

July 13, 2017


It's good practice for us to construct sentences based on how the characters should be lined up.

September 4, 2017


It's only helpful if they actually split the words correctly. That was the point of chobbit's comment. It's honestly more confusing when they split a word in half and combine it with half of another word...

October 19, 2017


YES With this approach, DL Japanese seems intent on making sure learners do not ever make progress in the language.

May 23, 2018


No, it makes no sense. I've messed up the answer several times this way, not because i didn't know what it should have been, but because i couldn't figure out how to put it together from the non-sensical words provided!

October 17, 2017


If you type it in the first place, you don't have this struggle and even learn typing in Japanese. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65skRjoE30M

To switch languages in Win press [Win+Space] to switch from A to あ use [Ctrl+Capslock] :)

December 11, 2017


Not when your on mobile and it forces you to choose options from the sentence building blocks

January 30, 2018


Well, it is possible to install a japanese keyboard in your mobile. Mine at least.

May 18, 2019


Duo doesn't let people in the app use keyboards for languages that don't use the latin alpabet.

June 2, 2019


I have a keyboard app I can change from eng, spanish, all three japanese text types and portugues I can change languages at any interval even while in duo.

July 7, 2019


I was using the default google english keyboard for android, and was able to add the google japanese keyboard in the keyboard settings.

I had the same problem with words being split up, but using the japanese keyboard is much better in my opinion. It was hard at first, but withing 3 days i can almost type as fast as i couls select the correct charcters from a list.

It feels to me that typing the charcters helps commit them to memory better.

July 23, 2019


That's not true. I use the japanese keyboard to answer questions when I want a bit more practice. There are no problems with switching in the middle of a lesson. I use the gboard keyboard.

August 10, 2019


I remember using greek keybord when learning (I don't know if you still use it, someone tell me) so I was very confused, when I could not do the same when learning Japenese.

July 1, 2019


Even if you do type it, there's still chance the system will think your answer is incorrect because you're not using the words in the word bank. Fun, I know.

June 3, 2019


"wai" do they do this T T

September 8, 2018


Hey to all who complain you mess up because of this.... Messing up allows tou to learn! It makes you sharper! Ao if you can make sense of this nonsense, which, eventually repetition will force you to do, then ultimately it makes you learb more. So be grateful and say thank you Duo for being free!! Imho ❤️

September 5, 2019


Does someone know why this is "imasu" instead of "arimasu" in this case?

June 11, 2017


Imasu is for moving objects, like people and animals. Arimasu is for immobile objects, including plants.

June 11, 2017


Close, animate v. inanimate, for instance, a car (which moves) would still be あります, generally if it's living its います with the exception of say plants which while living are still considered inanimates

January 30, 2018


Can this be used as a device for "animating" inanimate objects? For instance, if you really love your TV, and feel that she is a person in herself, you could say います instead of あります?

May 25, 2018


only if your TV displays the essential behaviors of a living organism

September 8, 2018


also the moving objects have to be living. cars and trains and such are still arimasu.

January 17, 2018


Imasu is used for animated things, arimasu are for inanimated.

May 25, 2019
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