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per or kun

La kato ludas per la fadeno. The cat plays with the thread.

Why would one not say, "La kato ludas kun la fadeno"?

Thank you.

1 year ago


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Kun = together with

Per = by means with.

Mi ludas kun amiko per pupoj.

1 year ago


Because the cat and the thread are not play mates. The thread is something the cat use to play.

Think about the sentences:

Mi skribas per la skribilo

Mi skribas kun la skribilo.

In the first one I use the pen to write, in the second one the pen is with me while I'm writing but I'm not telling what I'm using to write.

1 year ago


Perfect explanation. Dankon!! Sending you a couple of lingots of appreciation.

1 year ago


I would think that "ni ludas je kartojn" would lead to an analogous phrase "la kato ludas je la fadeno."

1 year ago