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Issue with translation

I have noticed in the past few days when I am trying to do my daily lessons. I am doing Ukraine to English. The examples now are in Ukraine alphabet When it has an English sentence it wants you to translate the hints are in Ukraine I have no way of entering Ukrainian letters from a US keyboard.

I tried Russian and French lessons and its doing the same thing. This just started a few days ago. iS anyone else having this issue or is there a new option to change it.

Example Juice in English letters is Sik Ukraine it is сік the only way I can get the proper spelling is using google translate.

June 7, 2017



Now, I'm not sure on how to install keyboards (check your computer/phone settings). On a windows/iphone you can usually search for it. You can also use this site to type if it helps.

I would also recommend learning the Cyrillic alphabet. It's not as difficult as you think :)

This post has an explanation of the alphabet and you can also play this game on Tinycards.


There is no more that option to switch to transliteration, but you can still enter answers in transliteration. That is, if you are required to translate "juice" to Ukrainian you can still enter "sik."

I would still recommend installing the Ukrainian keyboard layout and learn the proper way to write Ukrainian.


Im trying to learn to speak not write it. Been using this for almost 2 years and now its changed to the point that its worthless. I know I can still use Sik to answer the problem but in the lessons that I dont know the word and I use the help hovering over it. The word is displayed in Ukrainian and that wont help with even a keyboard layout


I'm afraid we are unable to help you there. Your only option would be to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. I left some links in my other comment and YouTube has many good videos out there. Good luck with your studies :)

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