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  5. "That outfit is not thick."

"That outfit is not thick."


June 7, 2017





Sorry, I was going too fast and was thinking skirt from a previous question.

I've never used or heard くありません as an option for the negative form of an い adjective. Intersting to know its an option. Thanks!


Haha I thought so already :p I think ないです is much more common in spoken speech, so you will probably hear that more often.


I think ないです is much more common in spoken speech

Yes, you are right, but in Japanese there is something more to consider. If one is speaking to 'higher' persons (ages or social status), '~くありません' (or some even more polite forms, depending on the difference of status) is preferred. Some 'higher' people do not like to hear the polite form 'ないです' because it could be understood as 'ない' + 'です': one might say something boldly as to peers until the 'ない', and found it not very good for the conversation, and add 'です' ad hoc. However, if two speakers are equally levelled, 'ないです' is fine and more common.


Shouldn't this be そのスカートはあつくないです?


The English sentence doesn't say "skirt" for me, so I'm not sure where the スカート comes from. If your question is whether あつくないです is correct, it is. あつくありません is correct as well.


Can anyone explain to me what a "thick outfit" is? Is it the same idea as being "heavily dressed"?


What on EARTH is a "thick outfit" when it's at home??

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