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  5. "Please write with a pen."

"Please write with a pen."


June 7, 2017



this is unnecessarily long just say ペンで書いてください


Is the english translation for this exactly correct? I learned from JSL that て is more connecting, and this sentence would mean "please use a pen and write", and "ペンで書いて下さい" would be "please use a pen to write/please write with a pen"


Could you tell me JSL?


"Japanese the spoken language" Mari Noda


Thank you! ありがとうございます。


That would be the literal translation, yes. But in English, the "use" part is kind of unnecessary when "write" is already in the sentence.


Yes, you are correct. What I meant to question though is that the て form connects つかう and 書く rather than indicate that the pen is the instrument used for writing. wouldn't this sentence be asking someone to do two things - use a pen, and write - that aren't necessarily related? for example, use a pen to draw a picture and then write a letter using a pencil.


Oh sorry, I didn't realize that was your question.

Anyway, as far as I know, no, that's not what it's asking. When the て form of つかう connects directly to the て form of 書く, it is at least implied that you use the pen to write, as a single action. I think that if the speaker meant to request that you do two different things, then they would make it clear. I think your example would be translated into ペンで絵を描いて、そしてえんぴつで手紙を書いて下さい。Or something like that.

Your original example of ペンで書いて下さい is what I would use, though. But while that would be my choice, I think duolingo's example/translation is correct, just a different way of saying it.

Honestly, I'm not sure if there is a rule of some sort to make this so, and there might be exceptions as well, so you might get a more detailed answer from someone else. The only reason I know what it's asking is because I attended a Japanese school a few times, which forced me to learn how to be like them. I forgot most of it, but I still remember some.


I agree its pretty awkward thinking in English "please write with a pen" --> 「ペンで書いて下さい」but only having the option to make the valid but less equivalent sentence 「ぺンをつかって書いて下さい」--> "Please use a pen to write." One thing here is the emphasis landing else where (please use a pen to write vs. Please write a pen if that makes sense.) The lengthier sentence implies less routine instruction and just. Doesn't match the given English.


I think this is in order to learn different grammar points rather than simply overcomplicating without purpose.


I would always say ペンで書く。This is silly.


This is awful Japanese



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