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bring back flashcards...Per favore

Along with many others-based on discussion page, I really wish that Duolingo would bring back the old style of flashcards with spaced repetition. The tiny cards are not as effective or enjoyable for me.

June 7, 2017



This is related to the new website isn't it?

As in the flashcards under the "words" tab?

I still have them as I still get the "old" website, but I noticed it's gone on the new one.


Well, you could always just take the words from Duolingo and put them in Memrise or Anki. The SRS is really broken on here. You can probably find the vocabulary on Memrise.


I agree! I really wish they would bring the flashcards back. I would go through them for almost an hour sometimes. AND Tinycards are just not the same as the flashcards. I do not consider them a replacement for flashcards, just another website.


all the updates are nnoying a lot of people, may we should ask the staff on theiur twitter profiles?

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