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  5. "Um bom sujeito"

"Um bom sujeito"

Translation:A good guy

March 4, 2013



Should "A good subject" be accepted?


No, that would not work good, wouldnt mean the same thing


But sujeito also means subject does it not? A good subject to talk about for instance, makes perfect sense. Or a good subject to study, things like that. No? Even two scientists looking down at their experiment and saying "This is a good (test) subject". ...Okay I'm overdoing it. :P


Yes, there is such a word, sometimes translated as assunto, matéria, tópico. I just said a good guy would be a better translation for duolingo sentence.


Yeah, but when you see 'um bom subjeito' you don't really have any context. Incidentally, subject can mean person too, particularly in countries with a royal family.


The only way "sujeito" can mean "subject" is when it's the subject of a sentence. (The one that makes the action)

Subject meaning matter is translated by "assunto", not sujeito.


Of course it does not mean the same thing yet in translating into English and according to the google-translate 'subject' is a common translation here having the same strength as 'assunto'


So basically sujeito means guy most of the times, whereas subject is "assunto"?


Sujeito is slightly offensive.. cara is similar to dude, rapaz is similar to guy


The subject of a sentence or an experiment is "sujeito", that's where the colloquial form of "sujeito" came from, "the guy we are talking about", not necessarily offensive, but very impersonal therefore offensive if you are talking about someone you personally know. "Subject" translates to "assunto" when it is "the thing we are talking about".

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