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"Are there watches?"


June 8, 2017



Also you generally don't use "ha" with "arimasu". It should be "ga"... "arimasu"


が seems to be missing from the whole Japanese course. So many times I feel like が fits better and all they offer is は.


I've lived in Japan now for well over a year. I don't think I've ever heard うでどけい be used for a watch


I have heard once or twice in animes, but I think it's usually used とけい.


English speakers make the distinction, i guess it was relevant in the English learning for Japanese speakers course


Whilst i understand that, i think it'd be better to fit the course to what's actually used in Japan.


Actually I don't think we do. Sure I know the word wristwatch but I don't think I've ever really used it. My watch's battery died and in the entire conversation over 3 days of trying to locate a new battery for this thing, not once did we ever call it a wristwatch or have to clarify. I think this paragraph is the most I've ever used the word "wristwatch" in my life.


うでどけいはありますか?is a correct sentense. You can't use が here. You can say その店に(には、で)うでどけいが うってあります。:Watches are sold the shop. I'm a native speaker and I understand the way of using は and が isn't easy.


Thank you for your explanation. Is there a time when we can use うでどけいがありますか, or is it always wrong?


腕時計はありますか。 Not accepted for using the kanji in this question, but is accepted in every other question.

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