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  5. This doesn't look right...


This doesn't look right...

Edit: I should mention that all the golden skills with 4 bars are ones I have just strengthened and they stay that way after a page refresh as well, but some skills I have just strengthened have the normal 5 bars. No idea about the non-golden skill with 5 bars though.

June 8, 2017



That happens on certain skills for me as well. Only on the website though, on my android it never shows as gold if the strength decreases even when it is showing in gold on the website.


Happens to me too. If you click on the skill it goes away.


I have neither seen this nor know why it is so, but my guess would be is that the web version is moving to a 4 bar strengthening system (like that on iOS) and it isn't quite finished properly yet.


Happens to me to. If I switch to discussions (or any other site) and back to the tree it shows up correctly.


completely off topic, but I enjoy seeing your owl icon. so cute. please keep posting.


Aww, thank you! :)


Luckily this a minor Duolingo glitch. You only need to click on the "refresh" button of your browser.


Like I said in my original post, refreshing does nothing. Of the three solutions given so far, only clicking a skill temporarily fixes it.


That happened to me and a quick log out-log in fixed it.

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