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Thank you Duolingo

I was always fascinated about learning a new language. But never tried because I was worried about choosing the right books and unavailability of books .. But now I enjoy learning Swedish with the help of Duolingo team. Now its like a game for me, climb up the levels, love to take test ,have fun with group members. Also I got motivated by buddies in various discussions who completed many languages. Inspired! Wholehearted thanks to Duolingo

June 8, 2017



Duolingo is truly a wonderful site. :-)


I totally agree.

I discovered duolingo only last week, in my first attempts to learn Hebrew (I'm fascinated by different writing characters). Duolingo, in particular in combination with memrise, which I discovered even more recently, is a tremendous tool.

Now I'm eager to learn new languages and revive my "old" ones, and I am following the various discussions. I'm thrilled. :-)


I love it, too. I can learn anywhere for example going by subway. It's great!


Me gusta aprender idiomas en esta plataforma, Saludos amiga

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