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Are we expected to keep every lesson at full strength?

I haven't progressed in nearly two weeks. My 5 lessons a day for the highest daily quota manage to catch me up to my newest lesson, but if I want to move on ever it's starting to seem like I either have to ignore the strengthening exercises or do more lessons per day.

I assumed it was giving me these lessons to do over again because I get one wrong every once in awhile, or peek at a definition, and eventually I was going to stop getting the exercises.

June 8, 2017



free yourself! you are not supposed to do anything! i recommend keeping in mind that this is a tool to learn a language (or many languages). if you are comfortable in a skill, gold or not, move on a bit. integrate some new skills. leave duolingo to: read a newspaper; watch a video; listen to a song in your target language. return to duolingo to drill the fine and not so fine points. if your goal is to learn another language, go for it - don't be afraid of pushing yourself to confusion. the brain is there to make sense of things. you are the judge of your own pace. put your faith there and not in what algorithms are calculating. thanks, best wishes.


This is the best advice I've read on Duolingo. : )


It's not actually, it's a truism. However it is very frustrating playing the the Duolingo 'game' when they keep changing the rules, cheating you might say, makes you want to give up, now that is hardly the object of the exercise!


great perspective!!


I've been listening to Me Enamoré by Shakira so much I can sing most of it despite not understanding it.


okay, so pick up that dictionary and start figuring out how to spell the lyrics ( or, silly me, read the liner notes) .but work on translating the song. it looks to me like there's a direct or indirect object in the title ( i suck at spanish ). work with that. identify the verbs-see if you can conjugate them. watch the video with your dictionary-vocabulary builder. shakira's probably dancing with her arms and legs and hair and other famous anatomy-what are they in spanish? i've run out of steam, but, i hope this helps. thanks for reading.


Losing the goldness is just a reminder that you may need to practice that skill although just recently skills are degrading much quicker than they used to do. My technique is to learn two or three new lessons first and then, if I have time, I practice some degraded skills. Keeping all your skills golden is useful technique but not essential, especially with the recent increase in frequency of degredation. After all, once you finish the tree, you can then concentrate in getting everything back into gold.


I like that routine, I'll use it from now on. Thanks

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there is no "highest quota" .. it's just recommendation, there are people who do 200 XP a day or more... your choice if you progress very slowly by doing 50xp or you do more XP and progress faster or progress more with less XP while not keeping your tree gold...


After looking up the definition of quota, I appear to have misunderstood it. I thought quota was a minimum requirement. I was under no impression at any time that I couldn't do more, and I have in fact done a whole lot more before. That being said, maintaining my streak is one of my primary motivators, as on days that I'm really just not feeling the drive to learn I still do at least the 50xp.


No. You're expected to, but in all honesty, you should, unless you want to forget your vocabulary that you've learned.

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