June 8, 2017



I speak Spanish, so l can remember 左 as left because エ looks like a "I" of "Izquierda" and I remember 右 as rigth because ロ reminds me a "D" of "Derecha" hehehe


I remember left because it looks like it has an "I" and I am not left handed. No idea why that works.


I speak Chinese, so i understand kanji muhahaha(evil laugh


You're evil, u have an advantage over us.


Similar to Portuguese.


Im Spanish and... Thanks for such a nice rule to remember them!


Anybody else remember hidary by remembering Hillary is on the "left" of the political spectrum?


Hay. I wrote ひだり.


yah me too, took me a few minutes to figure out what a dummy I've been


The way I remember the meaning in English is seeing "e" as both the second letter in left and the katakana エ in the kanji.


That's JUST what I came to comment! Yes, I think this is a very good way to memorize the character, have my lingot, good sir!


I remember this because 右 has a ロ which is the Katakana 'ro', which begins in an 'r' for right.

And 左 contains a エ which is the Katakana 'e', and left has an 'e' in it.


How is it pronounced? HiDAri or hidaRI? The slow and normal version sound different...


....in Japanese you pronounce all syllables with the same rythym, i.e without putting stress on a single syllable


In 東京 dialect, it's hìdárí.


Do left and right in Japanese have the Western connotation of right being correct and left being wrong? Like dexterous comes from right in Latin, and gauche is left in French?


It seems to be so. There's a common saying there: "出る釘を打たれる".

"My family moved to Canada during the Meiji Period. I'm right-handed but use left-handed golf clubs, hockey stick and swing left-handed when I play baseball. Changing left-handed babies to right-handed babies was culturally built-in. When relatives notice a baby using their left-hand over their right-hand they're held so the right-hand is free to grab and touch while the left-hand is held against the body of the person carrying them. This way they're changed too early to remember anything. I think this might be slowly changing in modern Japan. I have to say that I became very angry at my family and my culture for doing this to me."

Source: https://jref.com/threads/being-left-handed-in-japan.37257/#post-691861

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