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"It is 8:08."


June 8, 2017



8 minutes is pronounced はっぷん (happun)


I tried typing it that way on my Japanese keyboard, but it didn't come up with 八分. Suggestions?


On your other comment I saw you had 'はっぷn', so maybe your problem is you need to type 'nn' to get the 'ん' to come out, which then should flip to 八分?


Aha! That worked! Thanks! Does that mean that the "n" sound is lengthened like the "p" sound?


More briefly; no.

It has only to do with typing the character. Its a quirk that helps when a word ends with ん, and the next begins with a vowel, in which case you dont want them to combine.

You can also notice that if you type ん with a single n followed by a consonant, it will automatically type ん without needing the second press. So it depends on what comes after.


ん should take up one mora, so the same length as each other single kana character. This is different than the n sound as in な、に, etc. where the whole syllable together is a single mora. Hopefully this makes sense!


Is it supposed to pernounce the cards? For me it never does and never has


I wish it would. Sometimes i forgot the way it sounds even though im getting it right


In order to do not forget their spelling I write down in my notebook their sound in hiragana, it's very helpful


When using the cards to translate a sentence, no, it does not pronounce them. Would be nice, but I see it as training you to remember what they sound like and go off of pure characters alone. Instead of just associating the pronunciation to the translation.


They are pronounced now. I guess it changed?


The cards in other languages used to have pronunciations - for years. It's been removed though :-( - right about the same time Japanese was released. I REALLY how they bring it back !!


From what I know, it's broken on the app version. It used to pronounce the card on my Samsung Galaxy S2, but it doesn't anymore...


It does for me, however, sometimes kanji pronunciation can vary its reading depending on what's around it


いっぷん にふん さんぷん よんふん ごふん ろっぷん ななふん はっぷん きゅうふん じゅっぷん


As on every number related question, FYI to everyone: lots of people are typing ハ (the katakana symbol "ha") instead of the kanji for eight (八). They look similar, but they are not the same character, and the system will mark you wrong if you use the wrong one!


Two kanji used together (in a word, or a construction like the one here) are very likely to be read completely differently then when used in separately. So learning the pronounciation from such exercises as this one introduces very bad habits. I wonder how difficult would it be to create separate recordings for kanji blocks which are meant to be used in a single word / construction. Also, it would be nice to have some kana added to the translation for people who are not able to listen.


It's funny the pronounciation of 分


In case anyone needs a refresher on how to pronounce the minutes: 一分 (-:01) | いっぷん or ippun ニ分 (-:02) | にふん or nifun 三分 (-:03) | さんぷん or sanpun 四分 (-:04) | よんぷん or yonpun 五分 (-:05) | ごふん or gofun 六分 (-:06) | ろっぷん or roppun 七分 (-:07) | ななふん or nanafun 八分 (-:08) | はっぷん or happun 九分 (-:09) | きゅうふん or kyuufun 十分 (-:10) | じゅうぷん or juufun


Is there a way to determine when 分 is pronounced "fun" vs "pun," or is it all based on memory? Also for when to shorten the number as in the case of "ichi" becoming "ippun" or "hachi" becoming "happun?"


八分 sounds like harpoon lol


Help me! When I write Hachi on Japanese and then click spacebar it divides it into two symbols, instead to change it on kanji. So my answer looks like always wrong!


Check out the tips, they'll help a bunch


Why does my keyboard (SwiftKey) autocorrect to 八 for some contexts and 8for others? 八時 vs 8分 for instance. Is there a sensible language-based reason for this?


Why did symbol for 8 change


So when saying the minutes do you only use the starting character? Like は instead of はち。


For some reason はっぷん doesn't have an option to convert to 八分 using Google's IME. Does anyone know why? I've tried both "happun" and "happunn"

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