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What do you think of the Michel Thomas method?

I've only listened to the first lesson of Mandarin just to experiment, but it seemed really good. But the Chinese course was taught by a teacher (not Michel) and a native speaker.

What do you think of the courses you listened to? (especially those thaught by him)

June 8, 2017


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I really like his method, it's simple, effective, and it allows you to build your own sentences from day one. It even makes grammar look very easy. I listened to the Russian and Greek courses, both taught by native speakers, and I found them really helpful. I've also tried some of the courses taught by Michel Thomas himself, just out of curiosity, but... I don't know, he had a very deep voice, and also a bit of an accent, in my opinion the courses taught by native speakers are much better. That's just personal preference, though.

The downside, of course, is that these courses can only teach you the basics. But it's still worth checking them out, especially if you reach a point in your Duolingo tree where things seem to have gotten too difficult. That's what happened to me with Russian, the grammar was just too difficult, and the Michel Thomas method really helped clear things up for me.

June 8, 2017


that sounds like a really good suggestion that would be helpful to me in Russian. thank you!


You're welcome! :)


I came across his tapes some years ago, when I started to get serious about spanish. I bought the 10 cd one, can't recall the exact title. long story, short, those cd's helped me no end. By the time I had finished, I knew the 4 major verbs, need, want,have and able/can. I took an adult course not long after and I was miles ahead.


There was much too much English in the Russian course, in my opinion. That's the only one I tried.

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