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  5. "Sahani na sufuria ni vyombo"

"Sahani na sufuria ni vyombo"

Translation:The plates and pots are dishes

June 8, 2017



Plates and pots are NOT dishes though ... Utensils maybe?


I wouldn't normally consider a pot or a plate a "dish," but in the context of "doing dishes" (which is by far the predominant general context in which I use this word with this general meaning) I certainly would.

Do you have an even stronger point in mind?

Categorization in this area differs dramatically by dialect. Pots and plates are not (I actually did a social media survey on this at one point) utensils in American English. (I did the survey basically to verify I hadn't just utterly missed something my whole life when I was flabbergasted to learn that such things are utensils in British English.)


Good point. And yeah, for me, utensils are essentially anything which is "used" ... But I guess cutlery would be more typical.


In my American English variety, plates would be dishes, but pots wouldn't. Here dishes are generally plates, bowls, cups, and saucers. Pots and pans are usually just called "pots and pans" or maybe "cookware."


I think I basically agree with Merriam-Webster and Oxford about both what "a dish" is and what sorts of things qualify as "dishes" (and that these categories are not the same).


  • a more or less concave vessel from which food is served (MW)
  • A shallow, flat-bottomed container for cooking or serving food. (Oxford)

dishes / the dishes:

  • all the things (such as plates, utensils, glasses, and pots) that are used to prepare, serve, or eat a meal (MW)
  • All the items that have been used in the preparation, serving, and eating of a meal. (Oxford)


I wrote "plate and pots are utensils" and it marked me wrong... reported.


"Plate and pots are" doesn't work at all for me (unless you were referring to metallic plating maybe). Is this a typo or a dialect difference?


It is a matter of dialect. In the UK we may put plates and pots into a dishwasher. In Yorkshire people refer to washing plates and other utensils as "washing the pots". In London they would usually say "washing the dishes". Collectively these things can also be referred to as utensils or vessels.


Yes, there's definitely a dialect difference as to what counts as a "utensil" (in the U.S. plates and pots do not). The specific issue I was asking about here was the absence of the "s" on "plates." grayc_a wrote "plate and pots are," which I suspect was a typo (one that would probably result in a translation being legitimately marked wrong), but which could conceivably be something people say somewhere.


It's accepted with "utensils" now!


exactly! it did the same thing to me.


How do we know that it should be plural?

[deactivated user]

    Sahani in the beginning with pics but throughout the rest of the lesson, sahabi is plate and vyombo is dishes ????


    I wrote "Plates and metal pots are dishes" and it was marked incorrect. Why?


    So, plates and pots are dishes. 'Cause that makes sense.


    How can we differentiate plural form singular in Sahani and Sufuria ?


    I am not an expert, just learning, but I think the only way is via the context--not via the words themselves. Like if someone is pointing to a pot and a plate as they say that sentence I think it could be interpreted as singular. Maybe one of the moderators can chime in.


    I left out 'the' and i got it wrong. That doesnt make sense


    surely "plates and (metal) pots are utensils"???


    Huh? doesn't make sense


    They are also Utensils!


    Reported: The answer should be changed to "Plates and pots are utensils" and "Plates and pans are utensils" should also be accepted. Vyombo is utensils, and just to differentiate that we're talking here about the metallic pot (sufuria) and not the clay pot (nyungu) I used Pans.


    Duolingo requests its contributors use American English, so I would not expect the provided translation to be changed to "utensils."


    Tanzanian here, trying out the Swahili course to see what it is like for those learning it as a second language. Plates and pots are utensils. This should be accepted as an answer? Reported.


    I entered "The plate and pot are dishes" which it said was wrong. It said it should have been plural - plates and pots. Why was mine incorrect?


    First I don't think that definite article "the" should be in the answer because it is a general statement. But "A plate and pot are dishes" should be accepted.


    I wrote The plates and the pots are dishes and it marked me wrong.


    Why not...the plates and the pots are dishes

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