"Our water is clean, yours is dirty."

Translation:Apa noastră este curată, a voastră este murdară.

June 8, 2017

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Why is there an 'a' before voastra but not noastra when both refer to possession? Is it because 'apa' precedes noastra? If so please explain the logic. Thanks!


It's the same logic why "yours" is used and not "your". First is a pronoun (it replaces a noun), second is a possessive pronominal adjective (it describes a noun). So these are all valid:

Our water is clean, yours is dirty. - Apa noastră este curată, a voastră este murdară.
Our water is clean, your water is dirty. - Apa noastră este curată, apa voastră este murdară.
Ours is clean, yours is dirty. - A noastră e curată, a voastră e murdară.

Romanian is a bit weird because it turns the possessive pronominal adjective into a noun by using a genitival article (in this case, "a").


"Apa noastră e curată, a ta e murdară" should be accepted, isn't it?


Why is water not considered uncountable/plural?


water isn't plural in English either. In Romanian, it seems just as much uncountable as in English, although it has other meanings that may allow pluralisation.


what's the difference between noastra and nostru


"Noastră" is for feminine: Fata noastră. "Nostru" is for masculine: Baiatul nostru

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