"Ea are un metru și jumătate."

Translation:She has a meter and a half.

June 8, 2017

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And what does she do with it? Normally, in English, we say she IS a meter and a half (tall). ;) (unless maybe...she's holding a meter stick? lol)


It could be a phrase out of context, consider the previous sentence (maybe): "How much rope does Ana have?" ... ... Ea are un metru și jumătate.


In English we say metre ;)


Or even we say four foot eleven, or four feet and eleven inches occasionally... Do the American's describe their height in metres? Most English adults don't, though it is creeping up the age groups due to teaching in schools...


Eff no! :) Sadly I don't think most Americans would know even roughly how long a meter is....


good point! (I missed it, same as the course gurus, our speech pattern is with to have, that we use also for age, "he/she/it is five" = "el/ea are cinci ani", hehe)


It's also said, "She is one and a half meters."


Better: "she's one and a half metres tall"


Se vede superficialitatea si slaba pregatire a celor care au alcatuit acest curs, este imposibil sa cazi de acord cu ei, dictarile sunt multe din ele incorecte, cunoasterea ambelor limbi e deficitara, cei care au coordonat si au corectal lucrarea au facut-o in scopul de a-si face reclama si a primi comenzi platite (una din aceste persoane, la o observatie facuta de mine a remar5cat ca ar fi absurd sa am pretentia sa cer ca un lucru facu gratis sa fie si bine executat).


"Numa' di chicioare..." (Pavel Stratan)


I am confused. How would you say "she is a metre and a half tall "? Ea are un metru si jumătate - presumably does mean just she has a metre and a half of something?


You say it the same way. Ea are un metru și jumătate can mean both She is a meter and a half tall and She has a meter and a half. Whether that s her height or she s holding a ruler / stick / something that s a meter and a half, you figure out from the context. (as a Romanian haha) I m not sure how old your comment is, but hope I helped


Ea are un metru jumate înălţime (I just asked a Romanian) inaltime = height


If you mean to say height specifically though, 'height' is translated to 'înălțime', as another reply to your comment stated.


I said, "she has one and a half meters" and it was marked "incorrect". Does it have to be " a meter and a half"?


Would I be right, in this case, that Romanian shares the same sort of structure as French when it comes to talking about height (or age)? Ex: "Elle a une metre et demi" = "She is a meter and a half (tall)"

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