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Japanese For Android

Android users, rejoice! We now have Japanese available for Android! We still have to wait for the web version to come out, but at least now we can give it a go!

Congrats Japanese team, and thank you! I'm hoping to finish that, the Polish, and Hungarian trees by the next Olympics!

June 8, 2017



Yes, I started it two days ago!!!

I was very curious about Japanese (I am completely new to this language, but I knew many people were eagerly awaiting for it, so I was very curious about it).

Now, after just two days, I can say that it is completely different than the languages that I've been studying here during the last 20 months (Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Catalan, Esperanto, Norwegian, Romanian....)

I don't know how far I will go through the tree, or even if I will ever get to the stage that I have reached in the other languages (to be able to read adult books comfortably and understand most of the spoken language).

I guess that Japanese would take me much much longer, so I will just play around with it, not too seriously, to have some fun (actually that is what I did in the other languages, and I ended up learning a lot).

I feel as if I just found some remains of a former extraterrestial civilization, with its alien language and I am trying to "decode" it (to deduce some regularities analyzing more and more samples).

It is so fun!


This is marvelous news to hear, and I will be sure to try out the new course on Android soon! I've been waiting for the past few months for Japanese to be available to learners!

I'm excited to see it be released on the website soon!


Still waiting for it to become available for me on android....

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