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  5. "It is 10:10."

"It is 10:10."


June 8, 2017



十時十分です。 = じゅうじじゅっぷんです。= (juu-ji jup-pun desu)= It is 10:10.


Oh god, now I know why they use kanji, it's so much easier than writing every single letter with hiragana.


Writing every single character in hiragana is probably easier since many kanji are rather complex. Take for instance the sentence 電車に乗ります「でんしゃにのります」
That said, reading becomes a whole lot easier once you have learned it. Learning it takes quite a bit of effort though.

edit: Or take the word for 'airplane': 飛行機「ひこうき」


Yes, it also helps break up the sentence as well, similar to how English uses spaces.


This is a tongue twister just saying jyuu ji jyuu fun with the "desu" at the end is going to take time to get fluid


where's the yu coming from? It should just be juu.

Not trying to be rude, just wondering.


It should be じゅうじ じゅっぷん


I believe adding ima at the beginning is valid and doesn't change the meaning of the sentence.


It's validd but unnecessary in most cases. But if you do want to add it, don't forget to add the ha (which would be read as wa).


"ima" means "now". If you were to add that then it would translate as "right now it is 10:10". The message is the same, but the sentences are different nonetheless.


今は isn't in the original sentence though.


is it just me or do i hear juu-bun?


十分 can be pronounced じゅっぷん or じゅうぶん depending on context. Duo's automated TTS is not good at guessing context though.
分 pronounced as "fun/pun" is a counter for minutes, pronounced as "bun" it is a counter for parts
juppun would be 10 minutes, juubun means "enough/complete/whole" (because 10/10 is whole)
You'll also see bun in 半分 hanbun "half" (a portion)


Why there is no "pun" after 30, but there is one after 10?


When I type じゅうぷん, 十分 doesn't show up...


Only one u after the j. "juppun"


Ah, that helps! I've suffered through typing in じゅう and ぷん in seperately for 3 years lol



What do I have to type to get 十 to appear on my on-screen keyboard? Writing "jiyuu" isn't working


On my keyboard, I just type "juu" and it automatically fills it in for me, since the only way a juu sound can be made is with ji and a small yu.


Ju u, じゅう I don't know why they're adding a 'Y' after the j, the keyboard makes it work but じゅう is only pronounced juu, not jyuu.


Technical Q: why doesn't 時 show up as a "prediction candidate" when I type じ?

I'm on Windows Chrome / PC laptop if that makes a difference.


時 is an on-yomi reading, so it is mainly pronounced that way when it is in a compound word. Typing a number before it should get you the proper listing, or instead typing the kun-yomi reading it takes when it is by itself とき


How do I know when it's the number separated from the 分 or when it's all together? For example when they use 一 分 it's "いぷん" not " いち分" but when they use 七 分 it's " ななぷん" not " しちぷん" or "なっぷん"


Just gotta remember them. There might be some kind of rule to it but the ぷんs are as follows 一分=いっぷん 三分=さんぷん 四分=よんぷん 六分=ろっぷん 八分=はっぷん 十分=じゅっぷん

The ふんs are the remainder 二分=にふん 五分=ごふん 七分=ななふん 九分=きゅうふん


If you consider 3 and 4 as a block, hop from the extremities of this block in 2 sized jumps in both directions, so you get 1 to the left and then 6, 8 and 10 to the right. Those are for PUN


isnt it read like jū ji jippun desu ??


I think juppun is more common than jippun.


It should be (じゅっぷん) jyuupun

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