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JackMartian's XP contest guideline.

Last updated: 11/5/2018 12:31 p.m. //// New Updates: None


Please read this guideline as these contests differ, and have more features than what you are most likely accustomed to. Please continue to check back and re-read this guideline, for it will continue to be updated as it grows in time. Mention of these updates will be highlighted in yellow at the top of the page, for up to 3-4 days, before the highlight is taken off, then being a couple more days before the mention of the update is taken down.

[Section guide:]

Section 1:

  • How to play.

  • Prices and prizes.

Section 2:

  • Bonus features:

Section 3:

  • Dates and times.

Section 4:

  • Signing up.

Section 5:

  • Contests' links page.



Every contest will have a set time for how long it lasts: Be it an hour, a day, or a week. Throughout the said time limit, an individual player must try to accumulate the most XP, through completing skills, practicing said language(s), testing out, etc.

Example: Tommy345 joins the contest, but so does alphabet. Now the war is on. The contest lasts for an hour, an within that hour, Tommy345 must try to earn more XP than alphabet, and likewise. They are both competing for first place, and the first place prize. After every contest, there is a prize consisting of lingots for first second and third place, to those whom have accumulated the most XP.


No price required. Donations accepted.


1st place: 200 lingots.

2nd place: 100 lingots.

3rd place: 60 lingots.



1: At the end of each XP contest, the winner's name will be displayed in the present contest, the next contest's title and in the actual discussion (example below).

2: If the winner of last month's XP contest wins again this month, his prize goes up by 10 lingots, and continues to go up so as he wins multiple times in a row.

Example: Tommy345 wins this month's XP contest, and receives 200 lingots. He wins again the next month, and gains 210 lingots. He wins next month: His prize is 220 lingots. He loses next month but wins the month after that, he only gets 200 lingots, because his streak broke the previous month.

3: A record may also be set by any individual player. Every time a record is set, that player will gain 50 lingots, as well as being acknowledged in every contest until his record is broke, in which case the player who broke it will be acknowledged. In example #2, Tommy345 set a record of three wins in a row. Since he set the first record (must win at least two in a row to start the first record), he gained 50 extra lingots and will be acknowledged each contest until his record is broken.

Example: Tommy345 sets a record of winning three months in a row. He won 50 lingots for setting that record, as well as getting 20 extra lingots for winning three months in a row. However, for the next four months, Soupee wins the contests, breaking Tommy345's old record and setting a new one. As a reward, Soupee gained a total of 280 lingots: 200 for taking first place; 50 for breaking a record; and 30 for winning four months in a row.



CURRENT CONTEST: Discontinued until further notice

Each monthly contest will last a total of seven days, and will always be held in the central time zone. Each contest will try to be held at a consistent beginning and ending time, e.g. 2:00 p.m. The weekday on which it will start shall vary and will be mentioned each time there is a new contest.

Throughout the course of the contest, the current standings will be updated everyday at 3:00 p.m. (time permitting).

NOTE: There will be a day(s) to sign up before the contest actually starts. After after the contest starts, late entries will still be permitted. However, you must remember that I will not be on Duolingo 24/7, so if you sign up after the contest starts, I cannot start tracking your XP until the next time I log on and actually sign you in to the contest.



The format in which is required is simply:

Name: (any name you wish to sign up under) Whatever nickname you want will be the one that gets listed.

Donated: (whatever you donated, should you choose to. Not required.)



External links: Contests

NOTE: Please do not sign up on this discussion. If you wish to sign up, please visit this discussion: No current contest

NOTE: Please recommend these contests to others, by posting, or putting the link in your profile.

Any questions, requests for improvements, or statements, please provide below.

June 8, 2017



Your current XP contest disappeared! Do you realize this?


Yes, I realized that. So sorry. I gave back the lingots to everyone, and will try and make another soon. I will have to make sure the timing is better next time.


Hey! It has been a while since your last contest. Are you still thinking about doing another one ?


Hey, man. Sorry about this, yeah. I have been pretty busy. I am hoping to get one out soon. I will, however, have to up-date slightly in accordance with the new rules that came out. Hope to post one soon. Just keep an eye out.


Thanks! No problem and don't busy yourself any more than you are right now :)


when is the next one?


It should be in a couple of days.


here is 5 lingots in advance


Sory but I don't like xp contests but I love the math you used for the lingot scor.


Jack we haven't had an xp contest for a whole year. Do you even remember me? I was 3rd place in the second XP contest you held. Anyway are you thinking about hosting another one over summer. During the school year I didn't visit Duolingo and summer is the perfect time.


Hey! That's a good idea. I also participated in two of your xp contests and would LOVE to have another one some time. Thanks!


I want to play please! i suscribed to the other post


Alright. Please use the link to the sign up thread, and sign up accordingly.

Also please, read all the guidelines displayed above for you.


wait, i dont have 5 lingots. so i cant join... sorry :(


Go ahead and join man. I'll cover for you. It's only what you can give. It's not a demand.


i have only 1 lingot to give where do i give it on this post or on the other one?


Thanks. Sorry man. You may not want to join. The contest might have to be shut down or at least postponed. I am having technical issues with the site and following problems.


i will just do it on the other post.


Yep. Please read the guidelines provided above, then click on the link provided up there. Then Sign up accordingly please.


I will join the next one. Count me in. How many lingots to pay mate?


But I am in n.z. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Discussion doesn't work Jack.


Yes, I know. I've been on vacay, so I need to update. You can be in the next one, just keep coming back to this discussion for updates and when the next one is. Thanks for letting me know.


All good. Your welcome.


5 lingots is a lot of money. It is a great risk for all who wish to join, as they will have to level up several times to win one of the three places. Also, I think that this is quite interesting, but I do believe that if you make everyone excited... you're just earning lingots for yourself, for each payment is 5 whole lingots. I think 2 or 3 lingots is a better idea, less risk for everyone. And maybe you should increase the prize for third place. It's not much. That's all I have to say.


Thanks for your feedback. That is what I ask. Yes, I am currently trying to up the prizes, and I will make it more clear that the lingots are just an offer. It is not a requirement. Thanks.


The 'discussion' link gives me a 404 error. Your contest has disappeared.


Would you like to join my french club I have set up? I need anyone. We have four people right now. 4!!


Maybe. How do I join? What is the point of the club?


Well, we talk, help each other out, and soon, only for members of the club, there is going to be an XP contest, which I now have enough lingots for. Feel free to comment.


Guys, join this one. Jack made it 17 hours ago but trollers are downvoting it. Upvote it too! https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27495735


I'm joining! ^_^


Hey, congratulations JhonEdisonOrtiz for your green ring!

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