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Duolingo Grammar Guides Hub: (Tips and Notes PDFs!)

Duolingo Grammar Guides


On the Discussion forums, I have seen many posts from people asking questions like "Where can I find PDFs/Word documents of the Tips and Notes?". Here is where you can find them! I have created "Duolingo Grammar Guides", which are handy PDFs or Word documents which contain the Tips and Notes from each course. I will make a guide for each course (for English speakers), but they are not all ready yet, so you can follow this page to keep track of each guide's progress!

Stage 1/3 ~ Coming Soon:

~ Irish

~ Danish

~ Swedish

~ Turkish

~ Ukrainian

~ Norwegian (Bokmål)

~ Esperanto

~ Polish

~ Welsh

~ Vietnamese

~ Hungarian

~ Hebrew

~ Greek

~ Romanian

~ Swahili

Update: The guides listed above will enter Stage 2, starting with Irish once the guides already being worked on are completed.

[Note: The courses which are in Phase 1 of the Incubator are not listed]

Stage 2 ~ Underway

German: The German guide is underway! I expect this one to take a while because the German tree is such a long one, but it should still be ready in the next few weeks or so. I hope to start adding the Tips and Notes once the French guide IScloser to completion.

French: I have begun to add the Tips and Notes. It shouldn't take long it is my top priority at the moment. I can't give an accurate estimate as to when the guide will be available, but it should be within the next few weeks.

Portuguese: The cover has been designed and I am now adding to the contents page. I expect to start adding the Tips and Notes once the German and French guides are nearer to completion. Once these guides are completed I can give an estimate as to when the Portuguese guide will be available.

Russian: I expect the progress on this guide to be at a bit of a standstill for the time being, mainly due to the other guides that must be completed first, but after that I will easily make up for lost time and make sure that the guide is released by the end of the month.

Stage 3: Available Guides!




To download these guides, click here

I'd like to note that all of this is not just my own work. I am only responsible for the layout/editing/formatting, but I'd like to thank Duolingo and the course contributors for creating the images and tips and notes. I have used the images and the tips and notes without permission based on the fact that I have no intention to use them for personal gains. I have created these guides for your convenience, so please don't use them in an unintended way!

(I may also be able to make guides for the courses which are for speakers of other languages, but the ones above need to be done first)


June 8, 2017



That looks very interesting, thanks. I will look forward to your further releases.


I'm hoping that all the courses that are released right now will have guides by the end of August at the latest:)


That is absolutely great! Thanks!


Eskerrik asko! :D (?)


Thank you sincerely for your effort and dedication into making this! It's brilliant, and I will be sure to use your French guide once it is available!


It will be ready very soon:) I will have the Dutch guide finished today and then I will be working on the French guide right away!


Dutch is another language I've always wanted to learn! Again, thank you for doing this!


The Dutch guide is now available:)


Thanks for letting me know, otsogutxi! I see your learning Dutch; good luck with it!


It's a very nice language. It's quite easy to learn for me (but then again I am used to German and Norwegian, both are quite similar).


Where can I find it?


The ones which are available are posted above. Look for the blue text for the link to download them:)


Hello and thank you very much for your effort. Are there any updates on the French notes?


Still working on it:) I have about 60% of the skills finished so far.


Additional Spanish grammar tips from Lingvist.com: http://docdro.id/QKVOD3R
If anyone wants to do a bit of editing to this file that would be great.


This is a fantastic project! I know several people have started on something like this but no one has finished. Is there anything we can do to help you along? I'm almost done with the Esperanto tree and can give you a dump of the tips and notes if you like.


Thanks:) I've finished the tree already so I have access to all the tips and notes. Good luck with finishing it:)


Maybe I should have noticed you were level 22 before I posted that. ^^;


Fantastic work! Really love the artwork, they look great.


Thanks! The artwork is thanks to Duolingo though:)


Thanks a lot / Muchas gracias!


I made one for turkish but its from a year ago. I don't know if they changed anything, if anyone needs it google "Turkish grammar notes epub site:duolingo.com", I should be the first result.

You can copy and do whatever you want with it. I don't hold any rights to it. I just compiled it.


I'll just have to make sure that nothing with the tree was updated first. It will hopefully save me from having to "unlock" the Turkish tree.



Any updates on this? :D If you've made another post I can't find it since activity is gone.


I'm still working on the next guide:)


Great! When you finish the next guides, are you gonna edit this post to include them or put them somewhere else?


They will be included here.


Is the French guide almost finished?


Please I really need the french guide and u said it would take about 2 weeks to finish it!!!! Anyways I really need it


Please check out this page at duome.eu, which seems to contain tips and notes for most or all languages: https://www.duome.eu/tips/en You can make your own PDF if you right click with your mouse, choose Print, and then select "Save as PDF" or something like that.


Thanks for your time and effort into making these! I'm sure you'll be helping many people with these PDFs/documents.


Please check out this page at duome.eu, which seems to contain tips and notes for most or all languages: https://www.duome.eu/tips/en You can make your own PDF if you right-click with your mouse, choose Print, and then select the option "Save as PDF" or something like that.


No problem! I'm happy just to know that these will help people:)


This is absolutely amazing! These will definitely help a lot. It should be a sticky so everyone can find it easier.

Thank you very much!


No problem! Glad to know that they will help:)


Wow thank you! I'm excited for Russian since on my mobile browser Duolingo has made it impossible to access these. My lessons lately have been introducing some weird sentence structures that I am clueless about. I really appreciate that the Duolingo community is there to compensate for something that Duolingo takes away. I'll be checking in again!


No problem:) I will be able to work on the Russian guide again once I finish French, German and Portuguese. It takes my roughly 1-4 days to make each one depending on the amount of skills which have Tips and Notes, so Russian should not be much longer:)


No rush! I'm just happy it will happen eventually. I was really worried I wouldn't have access to the notes at all. 1-4 days sounds like a lot of work. I think we all really appreciate the time and effort you're giving.


Hi there how are you is turkish easy for you to learn


Hi! Was this question for me? I sadly have not been focusing on Turkish, and it does not look like I have gotten much farther than you already have by now. I do not have anyone to speak Turkish with, so I don't know if learning it is easy, but the lessons on Duolingo are really easy so far. It seems like a very straightforward and logical language to me. I wish i could give it more time. How do you like it?


Hi! I really like what you are doing here! I was wondering if I go by your style can I make an Esperanto guide completely free for you? :)


If you want:) It is a lot of work though.


Yeah, I went to try and replicate what you did and couldn't figure it out. I guess I'll let the pro handle it, lol. Thanks for providing these! Not only do they help but they're lovely as well.


I'm looking forward to downloading the German guide. I'll find it very useful. Thank you.


The contents of this might be helpful to you:



Great work, I love the guides! I've made it about a third of the way through the Polish lessons, here's a quick copy + paste of the tips for anyone who needs them! (Or if you need help making the polish guide) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fqekEO1PiHwPkyk6aaqAM9TlGW29GlkLxaHB4_HPu7I


Also, I have completed my German tree, so if you want the material for that I would be willing to get it!


I'd like it, could you share it with me?


These look great!!! Just wanted to inquire about the progress of the Portuguese guide specifically.


Did u make the french one yet


It's nearly done:) I can't wait for it do be done as much as everyone else.


Were you able to finish the French one?


Hope you will be able to finish the Russian guide soon. Thank you so much.


I really appreciate your efforts and what you have done and want to do, but I have to give up on the Portuguese getting finished any time soon and will unfollow this thread. :(

Good luck and I really hope good things for all.


Please add Korean and Japanese too. Thank you so much!


How is the German coming along? Is it still being worked on?


When will French be completed?


Hey, Otsogutxi, how are you doing?

I was wondering how you got all the tips and notes, did the moderators share them with you? It's just that the last time I checked (March 2018), all the Tips and notes for the languages I'm studying were gone. I had copied all of the Dutch grammar Tips and notes, so I have them, but I was just wondering in case there's a way some of us can help you with the formatting/editing process.

Just let know, I've just followed this thread to get a notification next time I log in.



Did the German guide get finished? Love that your doing this!


Salut! May i ask have you finished french yet? I see that topic is one year old, did you give up from making guides?


Hi. Did you ever complete the German one? I notice the posts here are around two years old :-/


Hey man! I really think what you are doing is absolutely amazing. I was looking for something like this since I started using Duolingo. I saw that you could also make the guides for speakers of other languages. I'm about to finish the Esperanto course from Spanish (Probably in the next 10 days) and I'm more than willing to help you make it into a guide.


Gebe dem Mann einen Lingot. Toll Arbeit, sie sehen fantastisch aus. Looking forward to the german one natürlich :)


Nice work on the Spanish one. Can't wait for the Hungarian one!


Thank you at least an update


Thanks a lot ! This is really helpful !!!


Any plans for Czech? I really need the notes for it. Thanks for any info.


Hi, Can you please make the guide for German?


This is amazing! I can't wait for the next update.


Thank you very much!


How about an update on when the French guide will be available. This discussion thread has indicated a two week estimate for months now. Just looking for more realistic status.


Thanks this is really helpful! Will this information be available on the mobile application in the future? :)


I'm curious if you are still working on some of these? Is there a second version coming for Spanish? Love to help, if not.


Many thanks indeed for your work on this. Grazie! Simon


This is great stuff and I thank you for your effort. I have just downloaded the Dutch Guide after first trying to copy-paste the first part. This is so much better.


Is this still ongoing? I can only access three guides so far: Spanish, Dutch, and Italian (none of which I am learning).

Thank you for your efforts! :-)


Great news - waiting for the Irish


I'm relieved to find this link - I wondered if I was out here all alone :) The work you've done to date is great and I look forward to the Irish notes and tips. Much appreciation.


I just found this, thank you!!


How do you PDF those tips and guides? I tried using web page to pdf converters, but no such luck. I'd like to do Hebrew for myself.


Hi Heilswahrheit,

If you don't care about the format being exactly the same as the one he used (I mean, the guy who compiled these guides), you can just copy/paste to a word document, format it as you wish, and then save as pdf.

I have no idea how he got the document to have that design, I'd like to know!

Hope this helps.


Yeah, mate! I appreciate the work you´re doing here. It helps a lot, especially for those who need a compilation for basic purposes. Well done and Thank you!


You can print them yourself:

  • log in on www.duolingo.com
  • open a new tab and go to your unofficial progress page
    This web page will show the skills of your active course in duolingo

  • sort "progress by Original order"

  • tap all the light bulbs
  • print the page to a PDF-file
    or copy and paste the text in a Word-processor.


^^^ THIS Progress page that pentaan posted about is very helpful; I didn't know it existed! Follow the duome.eu link above, but place your own name in place of "FluffyLongbottom." You may be surprised at the amount of detail you see!

Of course, you can only access the skills you've unlocked so far, since this goes off your personal progress, but that's fine.

I assume that to change languages, you probably have to go back to the main Duolingo page and change your active language there.

Thank you, pentaan! A lingot for you for showing us this great resource!


I think people are looking for hints and tips or some kind of mentoring for individual language courses. It seems these were available previously, but cannot be found now. That's what I'm hoping for in regard to Irish. Thanks and good luck to all.


Do you know if there's anyone working on something similar but for the courses taught in other languages? Specifically I'm wondering about Catalán for Spanish-speakers.


Thanks a lot for the great job that you have done for all of us!


These guides look so beautiful. I am sure a lot of people would be so happy to know about these and include them in their study routines. I am only focusing on one language, FRENCH.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me get the FRENCH GUIDE from this series. PS -- Feel free to connect if you are also learning FRENCH and plan on being a fluent speaker. Maybe we can learn together. All the best, everyone. :-)


Can't these be found on the desktop website anymore? I am using duolingo on my PC and it's like the mobile app where you don't get the tips.


yes, the grammar tips and notes are normally available on the website. But I've noticed that for some courses the notes/explanations are almost non-existent (like for the English for Spanish speakers course, which I wanted to recommend to my EFL students).


Hey pal,

Nice work. Is there any update on the German guide?

[deactivated user]


    Wow this is amazing, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to this. I was kinda disappointed when I cam back to Duolingo and didn't find the guides anywhere. They really helped me to clarify some grammar doubts, and now I can check them again thanks to you


    Are you still working on those? I REALLY need those German guides.


    This is a wonderful tool. Regarding Spanish I am learning, I wish the guide include the skill name and number with each topic. I think this would be useful and practical when one needs to practice. By all means thank you


    Can you Please add Kurdish to Duolingo?

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you for your good work on this project.


      Thanks man, this is exactly what I needed!


      do you mind writing here the method you use to do that? i would like to have one of the courses that is on stage one asap but i think its better to ask how you do it and do it myself than to ask you to do it quickly :D


      Thank you so so so much this has probably saved my exam life


      Thanks. I would appreciate seeing the Russian notes


      Thanks so much for sharing! I looked at the swahili notes and couldn't really find a pdf download. Could you please send a link for the swahili pdf? Thank you so much!

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