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Ich bekomme statt der von mir abonnierten Zeitschrift "Rätselwelt" das Magazin "AuTo" zugeschickt.

Can anyone help to understand the structure of this sentence? especially: "der von mir" and "zugeschickt"

June 8, 2017



Ich bekomme das Magazin "Auto" zugeschickt - I am sent the magazine "Auto" (it is sent to me)
statt der Zeitschrift "Rätselwelt" - instead of the magazine "Rätselwelt"
die von mir abonnierte Zeitschrift - the magazine subscribed to by me (the magazine I have subscribed to)


Ich bekomme (statt der (von mir abonnierten) Zeitschrift "Rätselwelt") das Magazin "Auto" zugeschickt


This is the sentence:

Ich bekomme statt der von mir abonnierten Zeitschrift "Rätselwelt" das Magazin "AuTo" zugeschickt.

The core sentence is: "Ich bekomme das Magazin AuTo zugeschickt".

A phrase is inserted: "statt der Zeitschrift "Rätselwelt". And into that phrase another phrase is inserted which modifies the noun "Rätselwelt": "von mir abonnierten".

Translation of the core phrase: "The journal "AuTo" is sent to me" (ich bekomme zugeschickt means, literally, "I get sent")

Translation of the inserted phrase: "instead of the journal "Rätselwelt"

Translation of the modifying inserted phrase: "that I've subscribed to".

Overall, I would translate the sentence as follows:

Instead of the journal "Rätselwelt" that I've subscribed to I get the journal "AuTo".

This "nesting of phrases" is very typical of German. In English you would write a relative clause, in German it's a nested phrase.

(I'm sorry: I'm not familiar with the grammar terminology, but I hope my explanation is clear nevertheless ...)

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thanks Heike ... very informative :-)

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