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  5. "I don't smoke."

"I don't smoke."


June 8, 2017



Shouldn't this be 私はタバコをすいません?Using は twice seems confusing.


yea i think they are using the contrast は here. its weird though because we are given no context to the contrast shrugs wouldve made more sense if it said "i however do not smoke" or something like that


タバコをすいません is now accepted.


Feels to me as if it was suggesting that I don't smoke cigarettes, but I might smoke something else. "Me? I'm a smoker, just not of tobacco."


タバコを吸う (tabako o suu) is a set phrase that means "to smoke (cigarettes)", and 吸う (suu) by itself just means "to breathe/inhale", so the Japanese doesn't carry that context.


Thanks. I could tell that it was a set phrase, but this gives since great context around the component parts.


Seem to be being used in a contrasting way. But the only people that will know that will be people who do external study outside of Duolingo. Otherwise as was previously said you would think it should be を。

Duolingo really needs to get a grammar and inflection section.


Well, technically the notes section is for explaining grammar and such. It just isn't available on the mobile app.


For what it's worth, Japanese for English speakers is now in beta on the web (late October, 2017) but this lesson has no notes section. I was surprised to see this use of contrast は here - I guess it's good to teach the idiomatic phrase (if this is it.)


I hope it gets added a some point or at least Japanese gets supported by the website.


Why it can't be すっていません?

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