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Am I the only one who suddendly wants to learn random languages at night?

Like, right now I'm learning Arabic when I should be sleeping...

I think this is more common than it seems, so I'm asking the community to see if I'm not the only one... At least it's something productive, and who knows, may get us interested in studying that language seriously...

June 8, 2017



No you are not alone. :D


no matter what it is that you are thinking, you are never the only one. but, please, at some point, get some sleep.


no, I just downloaded a whole bunch of Chinese apps and now that the Japanese just came out for duolingo I'm going to have to prioritize lol


I have the urge to, but I stop my self because 1. I don't sleep enough already. 2. I need to focus on the language I kinda need to learn, but if can actually retain all those languages more power to you. :)


No! I love the night but i'm like hey... I wanna learn french! It's weird to me. I thought I was the only one.


You are NOT the only one ; )


Same. Around bedtime is when I get the urge to look up new language learning material, especially for languages that I'm not even learning (and don't really have any intention of seriously learning).


I'm more the type who learns languages I'm committed to when I should be sleeping.


All the time. Sometimes I'll just add a bunch of languages before deleting them because they're either too hard or I realize that I'll just never use it.

BTW what are you using to learn Arabic? I've been interested in learning it recently and already learned the writing system.


I started last night, so I'm still learning the writing system with her: https://youtu.be/2RcgfyuBlz8 She also has beginner lessons, but I don't know what type/dialect of Arabic she is teaching.


Although I haven't gotten all the way through it, this struck me as yielding much more benefit per unit time than YouTube videos (which I also watched). I think past a certain point it costs $5, but if time has any value it seems worth it. Or you can see its method and then continue with it for the last 2/3 or so of the alphabet if you're really tight for financial resources.


I have this one memory in particular.

I'm lying in bed, not tired, remembering a meme (specifically about choice of foreign language) that I had seen earlier in the day. I remember Latin was: you value academia very highly but you value crude jokes more. Followed by Ancient Greek: like Latin, but also you hate yourself. And I think to myself. "Hey. I hate myself." And I rolled over to reach for my phone.

And that's the night I started learning Ancient Greek.


I've always thought: If I'm going to learn an ancient language with cases, at least let it be ancient greek instead of Latin.

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Nope, I usually find myself staying awake more than I should because of Duo and Memrise.


I don't want to, I do it anyway >_<


As someone who is planning to settle after only a second language and probably hasn't been learning languages for as long as you, I can't say I'm feeling quite the same.

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