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Attention jolynnedougherty (Accomplished! ty!)

I have gotten in contact with Jolynne. Thanks!

Hi Jolynne!

Sorry to draw attention to you like this. You aren't in any kind of trouble. The opposite, actually. :)

I have attempted to reach you through the email you provided Duolingo for your account. However, I haven't had any luck. I have something for you but the time window is closing and I don't know if I can keep it open another day. (I know, sounds shady, right? It's not. You'll understand once I can get that info to you.)

If the email you registered with your account is the correct one, please check your spam/trash folders. It might have gotten filtered out. The email is coming from no-reply@duolingo.com with a subject title "Message from a moderator".

If your registered email is not current, please don't post your current email address here. Instead, update your settings https://www.duolingo.com/settings and let me know that you have in the comments below.

This is kind of a big deal and I don't want you to miss out on it. :)

(For those concerned that I am misusing the forums, this is related to official Duo stuff and I have exhausted all other options.)


June 8, 2017



Hi Usagi. I just checked my settings and the email is up-to-date. I will search through and try to find the message. It didn't go to my spam folder as I checked that.


JOLYNNE, Hi!!!!! Ok, if you still have your login deets, go check your fb messages then, under "message requests". :)


Is he/she going to be a moderator? Please don't think I am a spammer.


I thought that too. You're not a spammer. Just faster than I was to ask that.


I don't ... And I'm super curious, as well : )


Message received and answered. Thank you everyone for trying to get the message to me :)


We're all hugely curious... As and when you're allowed and willing to tell us, we'll be all ears :)


you have entirely piqued my interest. Sadly, not my business. :(


The reason I asked was because it is sort of our business if we are going to get a new moderator. Usagiboy7 can just answer yes or no, and then we can all leave it if it is a no and we can congratulate Jolynne if it is a yes.


Guys, upvote this comment so that what's-her-name can see it. And any other person that can contact her as well.


My guess is that it's the thing where Duolingo asked people to submit stories about how Duolingo changed their lives, or something like that. I remember it saying that it prefered people that live close enough to go to Pittsburgh to talk with Duolingo in person. I had thought about writing something for that, since I live in the Washington DC area and could drive to Pittsburgh.


My thoughts exactly - jolynnedougherty posted a story about getting a promotion at work. Something very concrete. Just the sort of economic enablement thing that I think Duolngo was after.

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