The words in the Duolingo Greek tree

Γεια σου. I want to know where I am able to see and memorize all the words from the Greek tree?

Most duolingo trees has a Memrise course, Greek has one too but its incomplete, sadly,

June 8, 2017

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If you're up for a real challenge, these two courses have between them every single word in the Duo course. And about another five or six thousand or so that aren't ;-)

The Duo content isn't separated out into discrete levels or anything, so you'd kind of need to do a fair whack of each to cover all the Duo words.

June 9, 2017

I tested your memrise spdl. Impressed for the good job there! Some notices, not important. Thanks!

June 13, 2017
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Thanks Stergi!

June 14, 2017

Thank you very much for useful links. They will keep me really busy ))

November 28, 2017
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