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Has Timed Practice Gotten Stricter?

I have used timed practice for 90% of my strengthening over the past year or more. In recent weeks, since mid May 2017, it seems to be stricter, not giving as many seconds for each correct answer. At the end of a practice I have many fewer seconds remaining as compared to a month or year ago. Have you noticed the same?

June 9, 2017



Yes, I experience the same situation. It used to be about 15 sec added for each good answer and now it is between 7 and 11 seconds, which is way too short for me (especially when you try to type some longer german sentences - even if you know and provide good answer the added amount of time is shorter than time spent on typing). I noticed that in the 1-2 first 'strenghten sessions' added time is longer, but after that - it is getting shorter. And then there is rather race against time than any useful excercise.


Yes, a race against time, with near zero time to review an answer. On some short sentences it seems like I get less than 6 seconds credit.


Ich bin ganz deiner Meinung. Weniger als 15 Sekunden für jede richtige Antwort. Es gibt kein mehr Bonus für einen langen Satz. Man muss schneller sein. Übung macht den Meister, aber genaues Schreiben macht 20 XP!


Mein schreiben auf der Tastatur ist nicht so genau. Vielleicht habe ich eine richtige Antwort aber ohne Rechtschreibung, so kein XP für den Satz.


Schade! Mann muss die Dinge nehmen wie sie kommen.


Not for me, maybe it is one of those A/B tests.


Same here, my friend! It seems like one of many changes which make the site no fun to use anymore.


I have shifted to untimed practice for more of my strengthenings.


Me too. If I got something wrong, in the past I could pause to think about it. Now... just have to blast on to the next one without trying to understand what went wrong.

I don't know if it is related, but I no longer have the option to review the exercise to see what I said vs what was sought. All in all, a less helpful experience.


Same here. The lack of time in the new system was just not worth the stress.


It is making my hands hurt!! Carpel tunnel here I come.

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