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My opinion about the new course of Japanese

In fact is a very good course personally, I have already taken the 2 lessons of Katakana and I am really satisfied because the katakana was very difficult but now not so much in as much the pronunciation can improve it a bit because I think because Sometimes I get entangled in pronunciation a few times but it's okay, I've learned many words and also Katakana writing could also give us some tips on how to write in katakana. In truth I have seen in this course is incredible and with quality, I know that does not teach the basics but for me is enough and satisfying.

Thank you to the people who collaborated in the Japanese course! Thank you for bringing us this very requested and quality language! In truth they have my respect as a user and deserve a great applaus

June 9, 2017



I think there could be more courses to train the hiragana and katakana. I find it very difficult to move on with the next exercises.


Yeah! I totally agree with you. When I learnt Japanese courses outside, they told me to revise the whole table like wtffff. I'm glad that Duolingo provided such a good method to learn Japanese characters.

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