"Ella y yo comemos manzanas."

Translation:She and I eat apples.

March 4, 2013



she and I are eating apples- is correct.

March 4, 2013


It would often be the case, but "we eat apples" is something that you do in general terms, while "we are eating apples" is something you are doing right now. Think about talking to your vegetarian friends, and the difference between saying "I eat meat" vs "I am eating meat"

March 20, 2013


It should be, IMO.

March 4, 2013



January 31, 2016


A quick grammar rundown, because people are commenting things like 'If enough people report it, it will be okay!' (Bad grammar isn't okay.) First: 'She and me eat apples'. Many people make this mistake. 'Me and Patricia walk to school.' 'Luis and me go swimming'. Why is it wrong? It becomes obvious if you remover the "she and" bit: 'Me eat apples.' Unless you're studying Caveman Spanish, that's not very useful. So change it to 'I eat apples', and add her in: 'She and I eat apples.' Second: 'Her and I eat apples.' Lots of people do this, too. 'Her' is used in possessive cases, like 'that cat is HERS', or 'that phone belongs to HER'. It's not used as a noun. That just doesn't work. Also, just because: Some people complain that it should just be 'we', instead of 'she and I'. Well, yes, that is technically correct. But when Duolingo asks a task of you, you should do the whole thing. You shouldn't just try to find a loophole. If it asks you to translate 'Yo como manzanas y fresas', don't just translate it as 'I eat fruit'. You don't learn much that way. Well, that's all I really have to say...hope I could help!

January 12, 2017


Ella and yo are followed by comemos but not comen, because the predecessor is yo. Is it right?

March 6, 2013


Right, it's essentially the same as saying we eat apples, or nosotros comemos manzanas.

March 8, 2013


Hola SharonZhao: If you wanted to use "comen" the sentence would be something like: "María y ella comen manzanas". "María y ella" combine to mean "they", so we use the "they" form of the verb, "comen". Chau.

November 10, 2013


she ? why not her and I??

September 5, 2013


Hola lance72: This is not an English class, but "her" as a subject is very, very bad English. It has to be "she". "Her" is an object pronoun, not a subject pronoun. I do realize that many people of the younger generations do say "her", but it is not correct.

November 10, 2013


her is walking down the road.

December 3, 2013


Her is posessive.

April 21, 2016


Some of these things are impossible to understand without being written down. The words flow imperceptibly into each other and become a big river of vowels

September 16, 2013


Hola Jameshfisher: Just keep working your way through the Duolingo lessons and it will get better. Buena suerte.

November 10, 2013


there is an absolute pronunciation difference between normal and slow speed for "yo" word.

December 5, 2013


Hola sabocat: This reflects true usage in the Spanish-speaking world. The letter "Y" is pronounced many different ways in different parts of the SPW.

December 5, 2013


gracias lisagnipura

December 6, 2013


I get that she and I are correct, but the verb eat, comemos, implies "we", so why isn't we correct?

October 3, 2014


Because that's a different sentence, so it's a bad translation. The meaning is pretty much the same, but it's less specific, and there's a natural way to say the same thing in both languages.

October 3, 2014


The fast reading mushes the 'ella y yo' part together into a mess of sound. It's almost completely unrecognizable!

October 30, 2014


Why is it comemos instead of come/como? Is it because "Ella y yo" together means "we" so one uses the nosotros form of comer?

June 17, 2015


Isn't she and I the same thing as we?

December 2, 2015


I get why its She and I but can't I do we????

October 20, 2016


We are both eating apples, I'm stuck here because she and I is not normal english.

October 23, 2016



October 25, 2016


Y, yo- means and I

October 30, 2016



December 12, 2016


makes no sense its basically the same tbh

December 15, 2016


Is it we and i eat apples or she and i eat apples

June 30, 2017


She and I we eat apples. Nosotras is there (female), just not spoken optional. So it is correct to me.

July 25, 2017


that's wrong its me and her or she and i this is wrong English

December 6, 2017
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