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Odd glitch in course XP when switching between courses

So today I was reviewing Italian from Spanish in the phone app. But I was checking on another tree on the web version, and didn't switch back before I finished the review lesson. As a result, the 10 XP got tacked onto my streak, but not the Italian course XP--nor the other course's XP, for that matter.

This glitch is replicable--I did it again just to confirm, and it appears that there is no strengthening on the Italian lesson. So the XP only applies to the streak, and the Italian course is unaffected. (If I just do the lesson normally, without switching courses in the middle, everything is fine.)

Has anyone else experienced this?

June 9, 2017


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The bug used to be different in the old system. You would end up with the XPs in the wrong tree!


No, but can you repeat it on the pc?

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