"Der Richter"

Translation:The judge

March 4, 2013

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So richtig means 'correct' and whoever makes things right, 'Der Richter', is the judge? that's really nice! I suppose some politicians should be called 'Die Falscher' huh?


You can view it that way if you like. "Richter" comes from the verb "richten" which has a lot of meanings, "to put something right" is only one of them. There are also "to judge", "to condemn" and "to execute" (as in putting your head in a basket). But I like your interpretation better. Concerning politicians I tend to agree.


execute, judge and condem? an entire profession on a verb! HAHAHA thanks for the great comment! :D


What's the plural of judge? Danke


judges. Bitte.


in german it's judges? lol. thanks


You asked for the plural of 'judge' ;-) The plural of 'der Richter' is 'die Richter'.


Ahah i know i'm sorry, my mistake. Seriously these plurals are killing me...


I think most musc nouns that end in 'ER' remain the same in the plural form. I bet there are some exceptions so this is more of a rule of thumb

P. S. Umlaut change is also very much likely


Easy to remember if you think of richtig - just, Richter - judge, though richtig technically means right/correct, it is close enough


Sorry for a silly question, but can someone please tell me if this word can be used also to explain to children that someone is a judge in some game? or is it more like a formal word and there is another one that can be used?


What do you mean by a judge in a game? Are you talking about a referee/umpire?


Could this also be translated as a "Director"? I was sure it was this too ...


No. At least not in everyday usage. I don't know of any, but there might be a specific technical context in which they could match, e.g. referees in sports are often called 'Wertungsrichter, Kampfrichter' or 'Schiedsrichter' in German. In some sports – like fencing – referees are called directors in English. It doesn't fully work out in the case of fencing, however, because the French term 'directoire technique' is used in English as well. That's the closest I could get to a counter example.


Thank you! :)


And easy way to remember this word for me is to think of "The righter of wrongdoing"

I love it when English actually helps me remember German as opposed to hinders it :)


set me freeee (did you mean this? xd)


Der Richter schreit, Ich war der Täter

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