Tinycards - copy deck of cards?

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I lack the function of properly copying a Tinycards deck where I have done the original deck myself.

Why I do it is because if I make a deck between Swedish (native) and Spanish (learning) it is not that much more work doing it between English and Spanish as well for more people to enjoy. But doing a new deck with 40 cards and maybe adding photos etc, it really takes time! especially if you want to find the same photo and all.

I stumbled on a half ass (sorry but it is a suitable choice of wording) solution and that is when you have done the first deck PRIOR to saving it in any way you click Create+ again and then the frist one will stay in draft as it was while you can change the second that is now open. But if you somehow have saved it (published, done something in between) it does not work. It does not save the title or cover picture though, so remember what you wrote to find it.

I saw also a comment about somebody wanting to copy somebody else's deck. If so, that would be great but maybe with the first person's permission.

June 9, 2017


I would love to be able to copy a deck that someone else created (in my case the deck that accompanies the Duolingo Spanish tree), add to it, and adjust the settings to my preferences (I want to be held accountable for getting spelling and accents exactly right). Is that not possible?

August 6, 2017

Same here. This should be a trivial feature to add and it obviously would be helpful for the reasons stated.

August 8, 2017

I'd love to be able to do this too! Half the words I already know so I'd like to be able to focus on my weakest ones.

February 13, 2018

Yep, I'm wanting that too right now. I was actually surprised that wasn't already a feature...

December 6, 2017

+1 I just want to duplicate my own deck so I can use parts of an existing one without having to build them again

March 22, 2019

+1 i want to take the official duolingo japanese deck and add the missing lessons. please make copying possible!

September 2, 2018


March 2, 2019
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