"Egypt is a country in Africa."

Translation:Ägypten ist ein Land in Afrika.

June 9, 2017

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Aber... ein Teil von Ägypten liegt auch in Asien...


Für diejenigen, die meinen Kommentar negativ bewertet haben und wenig Ahnung haben:

"Die Sinai-Halbinsel [ˈziː.na.i] (arabisch سيناء, DMG Sīnāʾ) ist eine zu Ägypten gehörende Halbinsel. Die Sinai-Halbinsel liegt auf der Afrikanischen Platte zwischen dem afrikanischen Kontinent und der arabischen Halbinsel, von der sie geologisch durch den Jordangraben getrennt ist. Sie ist geographisch Asien zugeordnet"


Why "Land" but not "Staat"?


"Land" is the direct translation to "country", "Staat" to "state". Still, I think it should be marked as correct, as in colloquial they are used synonymously.


Why in and not im?


Think of "im" as a combination of "in" and "dem". So since Ägypten has no article, you cannot use "im".


'In' is the default word for countries and always used for continents; it's only 'im' if the country has to be used with an article, examples are: im Sudan, im Iran, im Kosovo, im Libanon.


Specifically, if the country has to be used with a masculine article.

Feminine articles have in der (in der Schweiz, in der Türkei), plural countries have in den (in den Niederlanden) or, if it's a collection of islands, auf den (auf den Philippinen).

Neuter countries -- the majority -- use simply in, without article.


There are also some countries (or parts of countries) that have a neuter article like das (or der) Kosovo, das Saarland, das Burgenland, das Tessin.

So it is im Saarland and so on.


Could Duolingo please stop to evaluate exercicses as false, if one writes "is" in stead of "ist"? That is, while typing, a typical mistake by carelessness and not a mistake of understandig the unite.


not a mistake of understandig the unite

Duolingo cannot evaluate this, because it doesn't speak languages. It can only compare answers against a list.

a typical mistake by carelessness

The obvious solution is: be less careless. Read over answers twice before submitting. Make sure you have translated every word, and that there are no untranslated words such as and/und or is/ist.

evaluate exercicses as false

The word you are looking for is "wrong" or "incorrect" -- not "false".

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