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  5. "I take pictures sometimes."

"I take pictures sometimes."


June 9, 2017





I think the verb is 撮る though 取る looks super similar in terms of radical use. Does anyone know the difference?


It's subtle, and they are pronounced identically anyway, but you're correct - that is the kanji for taking a picture. I sometimes have a fight with the IME on my phone, and don't always notice when it does something like that. I'll leave it alone so people can see what we're talking about.

You could use either, and would be understood with either in writing, but 撮 is more accurate and a reader would appreciate that you picked the correct kanji even though the readings are identical, since it carries additional information - the "taking" of pictures (something similar in nuance) as opposed to the taking of anything else.


As far as I know verb comes last and the rest can be "shuffled" as wished


Yes, word order is a little fluid in Japanese. But time adverbs tend to stay towards the front of sentences


Im fairly sure tokidoki can be placed after the を too


But it often sounds odd in Japanese, so just put time on front when you're practising.


You could change it to: しゃしんはときどき(だげ)とります。however, this way it will sound like you are humbling yourself, its a bit formal. But people would understand you, it is not something that mess up the sentence structure completely.


とります? I saw pictures and sometimes but don't know what torimas does to this sentence to make it grammatically proper


時々写真を撮ります(tokidoki syashin wo tori masu)

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