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favourite words

Weakest words doesn't really capture vocabulary needs, as we can always see the meaning even of words we do not know. How about creating a "favourite word" fixture, from words that we choose, like the one busuu has?

March 4, 2013



I'm confused. Don't you have to mouse over the words to see the meaning?

If you want to know the words flat, then, just don't mouse over when you are practicing..

I don't see any value to learning without a way to look things up. If you don't know the word, then you peek. Right then in the moment, your brain gets reinforced with the correct answer. I would much rather learn the right word than reinforce the incorrect answer.

I presume that you are a seeking a test environment, but Duolingo is teaching not testing. Although one could imagine that the translations are more of a test environment.

I guess I'm confused by your question. What is your vocabulary need?

However, I do see some value to Duolingo displaying how often I peek on a lesson. This would let me know, in addition to how many hearts I earn, whether I should review the lesson. If I peek a lot and still earn three hearts that may indicate that I should still review a lesson.


But many new words appear right in the exercise for the first time, how am I supposed not to peek if I have never seen them before?


The idea with weakest words is that they are the words that we've found that you need to practice the most. Can you tell me a little more about what you'd like to see in a 'favorite word' feature?


Right, but the problem with the weakest words is that it is full of words I got wrong because I mistyped, or forgot an "s" to make it plural etc. Unfortunately the weakest words exercises are full of words like that and I don't find them very helpful. Also, like I said above, many words appear for the first time in an exercise, so I have to peek to see what they mean, then I get the exercise correct and the word is not deemed weak. And this misses the whole point of Duolingo which is learn by doing, so to an extent I think I'm supposed to peek.

By favorite words I mean that I choose certain words that I find deem difficult even if I kind of get them (like lors or meme in French which have multiple close but distinct meanings). There could be some kind of button when I peek a word and it is automatically put in this list.

Another feature that might be helpful is to put a button next to each word in the vocabulary list of weakest words so that it's easy and fast remove them if we know them (for cases like the ones I described above). Right now I have to press each word, remove it, and then go back, which is a hassle. Also since there is no separate weakest word list, at some point I lose track of which ones I've removed.

I'm not complaining, I absolutely love this website, just making suggestions. I am also using busuu at the same time, and it has this feature, and it's quite helpful.


Thanks for clarifying! I appreciate the feedback. We have a team that is devoted to studying the effectiveness / science behind how people learn languages. I'll bring your ideas back to the team.

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