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  5. "カバンをここにおいてください。"


Translation:Please put the bag here.

June 9, 2017





Note however that 下さい/ください is generally written in kana only.


"Please place your bag here" is wrong? I would disagree.


Place is not (no longer?) an answer option.


It would be implied by context.

If I went to the airport and the check-in Clerk sais to me, while pointing beside them “かばんをここにおいてください。” Then I would think “Please put your bag here.” Because they were talking to me.

If I went onto a train in Japan that had a compartment for luggage, the sign could say “かばんをおいてください。” Which could then say “Please leave bags here.”

Japanese is a very contextual language.


I agree Japanese is very contextual. This sentence COULD mean "my bag", "your bag", "his/her bag", or "the bag" because the possession of the bag is not identified in the sentence.

If my neighbor was helping my carry my groceries to my apartment, I would say "カバンをここにおいてください" to mean " Please place MY bag here".

If a taxi drive was unloading luggage from the trunk for my wife and I, and he pulled out my wife's bag, I would say "カバンをここにおいてください" to mean "Please place HER bag here."

Without any indication of the context (and there is no indication of context in the text カバンをここにおいてください.) I think the best translation would be "Please place THE bag here" because "the" bag could be mine, yours, or his/hers. Any of the other translations forces the learner to make an assumption of context which is not present in the source text.


Did it get changed? 'Your bag' is much more natural sounding and in context is Italy what this sentence should mean.


So, "Please leave the bag here" is unacceptable? I can totally imagine someone saying the sentence in english that way at the airport...


What is the difference between this "oite" way and the "ire-" form of "to put"?


入れる(いれる) means "to put (something) in".
置く(おく) means "to put, to place".


Why is it kaban o koko?


Kaban (bag) wo (object marker) koko (here) ni (direction/location marker).


"Please leave your bag here" i thought could be a translation ..


"Please put the bags here" is incorrect. Why?


Does ここにカバンをおいてください。with the same?


"over here" instead of "here" marked wrong? It was even in the word bank

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