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  5. "Has the flower bloomed?"

"Has the flower bloomed?"


June 9, 2017



I really think this should be さいてますかor さいたことがあいますか. But that's just me. Or make the english "did the flower bloom". Or something


First one would be さいています and would mean "currently blooming..." I guess it could work but not exactly the same. さいたことがあります would be more like asking if it has bloomed in the past. Sounds kinda odd.. Like a tree that only blooms every few years or something.


Actually 咲いたことがありますか?would be asking if the flower jas ever experienced a bloom...


I thought so as well but when I tried it it was marked as wrong


Since it says "the flower" (definite article), should it be が instead of は? Using "the" makes it sound like the flower is already been talked about i.e. not a new topic. I know there's no 1-2-1 equivalent of articles in Japanese and I'm probably misunderstanding は・が but I thought it might be worth asking.




Why can't I say ”お花”? お花は咲きましたか?


Why did it mark me wrong for saying お花 instead of 花? The rest of my sentence was exactly as in the answer.


It marked 花が咲きましたか wrong. Did it just mark it wrong for the particle? other than that it's exactly the answer they gave me unless I'm missing something


花が咲きましたか。 Is now accepted. :-) 9/08/2020


could someone break down why は is used in this sentence instead of を? I feel like right when I get comfortable with using を, I get the rug pulled out from under me with these kinds of answers that run counter to my understanding of using verbs.


お花は咲きましたか was marked wrong why can't we use honorific prefix here?


《花 • はな》Flower 《咲き• さき》Bloom


how is 花が咲きましたか wrong???


Could が be used instead of は here? As in "花が咲きましたか"? In previous questions after 花 came が, so I was wondering if it could work here


Yes, it should and has been accepted as of now. I am confused as to why は is valid now considering that it was rejected in every other answer I've submitted in the previous questions.

I have no idea whether it is actually legal to use は for "a flower blooms", and I am 100% sure that the course will never help me understand it. Can someone please help me wrap my head around this?


Wow the pronunciation sound of an anime child

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