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"Es ist einfach für mich, dieses Buch zu lesen."

Translation:It is easy for me to read this book.

June 9, 2017



The komma is possible, but not necessary and not usual.


We all know you're amazing, Duo. No need to rub it in.


Can I say "Dieses Buch ist einfach für mich zu lesen"?

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You can say it (though I'd ratehr recommend "Dieses Buch ist für mich einfach zu lesen"), but it is not a direct translation of the given sentence, because now the book is the subject of the sentence, and not the reading.


I think i may be getting einfach and nur mixed up. How would I say: This book is just for me to read? I thought leicht meant easy, while einfach meant just as in "only"

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"einfach" is "easy" or "simple", "nur" is "only".


Can anyone break down which tense pertains to each part of this sentence? I understand 'Es' as being nominative, 'fur mich' as being the accusative, but don't understand what the 'dieses Buch zu lesen' would fall under. Thanks very much!


I think you mean "case", not "tense". Every noun phrase has a case.

What's a "noun phrase", you ask? Basically it's a single noun or pronoun, along with all the adjectives and articles that go along with it. So for example: "me", "the book", "that big ugly green house".

(By the way, there's also something called a prepositional phrase, which is basically a preposition plus a noun phrase: "under the wooden table". If you have a prepositional phrase, the preposition tells you which case to use for the noun phrase.)

You are right about "es" -- nominative because it's the subject.

You are right about "für mich" -- accusative because "für" always makes the noun phrase accusative.

"Dieses Buch" is the object of "zu lesen" -- it's the thing I'm reading. So, it's accusative.


shouldn't it be "es ist fur mich einfach,..."?

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Both word orders are possible (although yours is currently not accepted). But it is "für, not "fur".


It's simple to me to read this book - why not?

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You don't say "to me" in this context.


Ooo. Okay. I absolutely hate the fact, that after learning/using english for almost 21 years, I still don't know how to do it :/

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