Level 23

Just leveled up to 23

June 9, 2017


Congratulations! It's very good for you!! ;-)

Great job on your level 23 and your 300 day streak! I wish you the best to level 25 and a 500 day streak BuckSanders!!! :-)

Félicitation! Je suis français et c'est très bien!

I gave you a lingot...

Merci boucoup

Mes felicitations!

Congratulations!! :)

Can anyone explain how levels work? I am on my 7th day and I got lvl 8 and I'm 3 exp away from 9, but it seems to go up when I go through the course not when the days go by?

Your scores from xp is how you go up on levels. Each level the requirements to get to the next level goes up so that more xp points are needed. For me to get to 24, I needed 3500 xp points.
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Awesome, congratulation. I still have a long way to go in French :-)

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