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Professor Arguelles and Ojibway resources

So I've viewed Professor Arguelles' article about the "six most important languages to learn, as reiterated here: https://thelinguistblogger.wordpress.com/2008/06/15/dr-arguelles-six-most-important-languages/

And I found some inspiration in this idea although I'm not nearly the academic he is. For me, my list may look like this: Classical: Old English (because my native language is English, so this seems more personal to me, despite Latin's historical importance)

Broader Culture: Spanish (I live in North America), German (first foreign language and a good one for European culture and history), American Sign Language (different from spoken language and part of the deaf culture) International: English (Native tongue and conveniently the best international language to know in the west) Exotic: Ojibway/native languages (I figure that native languages are completely different in structure from European languages and that, endangered as they are, they need support to survive in the modern era. I also figured that as "exotic" languages they're actually right at home where a live)

So for Old English I'm making the lowest priority because it is historical and so I want to work on communicating with people in my life first before I delve into extant manuscripts like Beowulf etc. I also haven't started much with either ASL or Ojibway which I've chosen as the native language that I'd like to try. I know about these courses on memrise.com : https://www.memrise.com/course/128618/hacking-ojibwe/

But am wondering if others here on Duolingo know of other good, free online resources that I could use? Also, please let me know which dialect those resources would teach because (A)nishinaabemowin has several of them.

June 9, 2017



Thanks for sharing this article, it's certainly a very interesting point of view this professor presents and I do think it's a better way to think about the importance of languages than the number of speakers or it's value for trade. My list would probably be something like this:

  • Classical: Old Saxon or Middle Dutch or Middle Low German. Latin and Ancient Greek are also pretty important.

  • Broader: German? French? Danish? Arabic is also a pretty good choice. (lots of Moroccans here, it would be nice to understand some of it)

  • International: English (done) Spanish?

  • Exotic: Icelandic (does the country where it is spoken have volcanoes and interesting literature? Já. Count me in!), Lithuanian (pretty important if you're interested in Indo-European languages.) Korean (it's quite interesting)

Now, for the resources for Ojibwe:

Good luck!


Very cool list! I'll check out those resources you found. Thank you!

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