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What is the difference between Admins and Moderators

I would just like to know what the difference is between Mods and Admins so that I know who to ask for certain thing. Some example questions are:

Who do I ask about language learning subjects Who do I ask about rude/crude/spam comment Who do I ask about updates/changes to the program

and so on.

I hope that somebody can help me with this subject so that I know who to message whenever one of these questions or any unspoken questions come up, because I don't want to bother one when it's the other type that takes care of the specific thing.

June 9, 2017



Admin = blue ring - paid staff member.
Very rarely interact in forums unless they create a post, and then they might respond to comments on it. Otherwise you don't see them much.

Moderators = green ring - unpaid volunteer.
Occasional interactions - sometimes this can be a request to modify your behaviour, but they do take part in discussions, give language tips etc. However, they do this by responding to posts - they are not free private language tutors. A lot of their time can be taken up with fighting spam etc.


Generally, when you ask questions in the forum, it will be other users who respond. Though occasionally moderators might respond as well.

Edit: Here is a post that explains what type of spam/abuse to contact moderators regarding: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12122732


GREAT response!! Thank you :)


And a big thanks for all your efforts, to you, and all the other mods!


they are not free private language tutors.

Thank you! I imagine the user attitudes differ for the various courses we moderate, but I am familiar with a user group that not only expects answers tantamount to free tutoring, but demands such answers, and demands them to be delivered promptly and accurately even for questions jumbled beyond comprehension. And, of course, often the reward for delivering all this is a set of net downvotes.

Anyone inspired to be a moderator?


Thank you for the info and the link to the other forum. :)

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